Early September at Shizuoka. Sara is just 7 months old.
Big surprise at her last puppy show.
Winning Best Puppy In Show from Canadian judge,
Ms. Avery Gaudin.
Sara showed herself very well on this day.
I always love puppy style!
Above is mid December in Osaka where Sara got WB from Ms. Betsey A. Leedy, USA.
Right is her last full puppy clip at FCI Chiba show, winning BOB from Ms. Cheryl Myers-Egerton from Canada.
Left: At FCI Japan in April.
Above: In May with Mr. Edd Bivin.
The board says BOB but it is actually BOV at Poodle National Specialty. Judge is Ms. Ann Ingram from UK.

Sara is currently shown on a very limited basis.

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