What is Poodle Moments?

In these past 10 years, the number of my doggy friends in abroad has been increasing. I always attach a short letter along with my Christmas card to them and one day I had noticed that the text of my letters were almost the same. Also writing letters to each of my friends had become a hard work for me. I know it shouldn't be so if I was a good correspondent - I'm just too rude! Then I though why not making it like a newsletter style and publishing it as a personal annual newspaper. Since I have been in printing business for a long time, it's not hard for me to do. So, it started in 1994 and still continues today.


What is its contents?

The letter tells about my Poodles and me, how we spent this year. Since it should be boring with only texts, I put several photos in it. I have uploaded the whole thing here on internet at the end of 1999 for the first time. Please click the title below and enjoy!



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